Greetings from CEO

Happy dairy experience, Mosan Farm.

It has been over 10 years since Mosan Farm became a home to dairy cattle, goats, rabbits and other animals where gentle breeze blows.

During the past decade, the farm started a new life and went through many changes but the animals at the farm still live as they are.

As the farm moved to a new place and sees change of season, the animals seem to have inner peace and stability.
Time that the animals shared together is the most beautiful and precious.
Adonis brings spring to the farm and the trees change clothes every season.
Rabbit population grew and goat couple started a family.
How beautiful these are…
Living in the farm gives you small but precious happiness.
We would like to share that happiness with our family.
How about healing your tired soul and mind in the nature away from city?

Without harming the nature, we hope the children assimilate into the nature and find peace in mind.

To all moms, dads, boys and girls who came to Mosan Farm, thank you.

We will keep our commitment to growing together with the nature while bringing happiness to you in the farm.